Monday, March 7, 2011

Words of My Perfect Teacher - Week 19 (Vajrasattva)

The recording of our discussion about Vajrasattva (from 20 February) is available here.


  1. I am quite desperate about one thing:
    in the book published by Shambhala-pubications, the Vajrasattva-mandala is depicted wrong:
    "Visualize in his heart a moon disc the size of a flattened mustard
    In its centre stands a blue hum.
    In front of the hum is a white syllable om; ..."
    (until now is everything perfect)
    But now:
    "to its left is the word
    vajra in yellow;"
    (should be to the right)
    "behind is sa in red;
    and to its right is tva in green."
    (again, should be on its left).

    I tried to communicete the problem with the publisher several times but they did not respond.

  2. Then even a picture follows:
    a wrong picture that exactly follows the mistaken description.